25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago, in 1994, a 14-mile stretch of the West Branch Farmington River from Goodwin Dam in Hartland to the Canton/New Hartford line became a federally-designated Wild & Scenic River! 

This year is turning into a great year for the Farmington River. As we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Upper Farmington River becoming a Wild & Scenic River - we have another victory - 1.1 miles in Canton were designated Wild & Scenic making the Upper Farmington River designated area a total of 15.1 miles. Learn more about Wild & Scenic here.





"A Short History of the Farmington River: and the Quest for a National Wild & Scenic River designation"


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Farmington River Quilt Presentation - January 16

Join us for a presentation on the Farmington River Quilt Project. Learn about the quilt and how the Farmington River received two Wild & Scenic designations. The Upper Farmington River became designated in 1994, with an additional 1.1 miles added in 2019, and the Lower Farmington River & Salmon Brook received designation in 2019. The quilt will be on display. Free and open to all!

Sally Rieger, Lower Farmington River & Salmon Brook Committee Acting Chair
Dan Bowler, Farmington River Coordinating Committee Chair and Curator of the Farmington River Quilt

Quilt Presentation
Thursday, January 16
5:30 pm-6:30 pm
Simsbury Public Library in the FSPL Program Room

The Farmington River Quilt will be on display at the Simsbury Public Library in the FSPL Program Room January 2 - January 31, 2020.

The Farmington River Quilt Project was a gift from artists to the Farmington River Coordinating Committee in celebration of the Wild & Scenic Farmington River. The Farmington River Quilt portrays 25 locations on the Wild & Scenic section from Goodwin Dam in Colebrook, CT to the Rainbow City Pool in Canton, CT. The 50 foot long quilt is comprised of these 25 sections. The quilt is a beautiful representation of the Farmington River, celebrating the outstandingly remarkable resources of the Wild & Scenic section with 24 different artists' interpretation of sections along the river. The quilt has an immense impact as artwork and as an educational piece. Learn more here: FarmingtonRiverQuilt.org